Facebook Selling of Lampwork!

Hello again My little beadie rays of sunshine!

I have been doing lots of research into the new selling platform that is Facebook, I have asked on various lampworking groups for tips and advice on how to go about it.

It feels really daunting, mainly because its such a change from what I am use to! am I getting old and resistant to change?

-1 oC Lets see what I achieved this morning!

Hello my little beadie rays of sunshine, Its darn cold here in wiltshire again, cold enough in fact that I finally set up my hallogen heater in the studio. Two jumpers, a hat, hallogen heater and thermal socks, yet I still only managed 3 hours out there!

here's a sneaky peak at what the kiln fairy left!!!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Happy Mothers day to all the mum's out there!

I had some really cute handmade cards from my youngest two piglets and a fab bunch of flowers and some chocolates from the eldest piglet!

so naturally, we had chocolates for breakfast....

Its another lovely day outside and I have been inspecting the offerings left by the great kiln fairy.

Spring yet snow!

So, Its officially Spring, yet up north snow is falling!

Blue skies here in Wiltshire, but temperatures are still around freezing, my poor spring bulbs are already sprouting up and the cold is making them look quite bedraggled.

The worst thing about this cold weather has to be the temperature in the studio. today I wore two jumpers and a coat while sat at the torch, Yet still only managed a few hours before my fingers and toes started to freeze.

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